Flooring installation


What to know about flooring installation

After you decide on a new floor covering, a professional flooring installation is a crucial next step in your remodel. This installation is the part of the experience that puts your new products in place perfectly and ensures all your warranties and peace of mind. The more you learn about the service before you need it, the better decisions you can make when shopping.

The best materials

You can choose all the best materials, as we offer a wide variety of products at our showroom. However, more than great products are needed to make a great remodeling experience. Because once you choose the perfect materials from our flooring company in Alpharetta, GA, we must then put them into place in a way that ensures the functionality and longevity of the materials.



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The flooring installation service

Once you choose your flooring and the accompanying services, we will give you all the details about your flooring installation. We will first take measurements and then tell you how long the process will take and how much it will cost with everything included. This is a great time to do so if you need to ask questions about the materials, services, or installation. Once your flooring installers arrive, they will need access to and from the installation area and access to electrical outlets for their tools. If you choose hardwood or luxury vinyl materials, there will also be an acclimation period that precedes the actual installation. Acclimation can take one to three days to complete and will be added to the installation time. When the installation is complete, the installation team will give you a walk-through to ensure your complete satisfaction with the results. This part of the service is a great time to ask your final questions about the flooring installation and cleaning requirements. You can contact us today to get your installation underway.

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Signature Floors & Design has all the materials and services you need for a perfect remodel, including on-hand design experts to help you with each process step. We have something for everyone, whether you need high-end or budget-conscious products. We take pride in the care with which we serve each of our customers, however large or small the experience. You’re invited to visit our flooring company in Alpharetta, GA, to find everything you need for the best flooring installation. We look forward to working with you, please call today to find out how we can help you.